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So twice now I've done my own version of a Final Fantasy Unlimited logo. And this got me thinking: what would other people use for the logo? What image would they use as the backdrop, what colors would they use? What would their image say about the series' story?

That brings us to here: I am hosting a contest, with a prize of 2000 points, to answer these questions. This contest will remain open until I have received at least 25 entries, giving people time to watch the series if they aren't familiar with it.



* Entry must include a backdrop in the style of the main-series (I-XV) - Ex. Meteor in VII, Warrior of Light in I, etc.
* Entry must be on white background
* Entry must include the words "Final Fantasy Unlimited".
* Entry must include the "U" from the original Unlimited logo.
* Entry must be appropriate for all ages.
* Entry submission must include the hashtag #UnlimitedChallenge.


So there's the contest; it's not a huge one by any means, but I'd love to see everybody's creativity come to light.
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HomeStuck Valentines
I've seen a few valentines floating around due to the season; since I didn't see any high-quality HomeStuck ones, I figured I try making my own. If you want to change the text, I used the Arimo font, with the color of the text being white for kismesis and auspitice, and magenta for matesprit and moirail.

The Alibert Special
A little bit of Wakfu fanart in gastronomical form. This is the Alibert Special, a blanquette de veau that was made using veal (in the dish itself) and lamb (on top). While a traditional blanquette is made without seared meat and without the red peppers, the blanquette in Wakfu is made in this style.

While the dish isn't to my preference, I am glad that I tried it.
Wakfu and Dofus Custom Class Meme
This was born from a discussion my sister and I were having; Wakfu and Dofus are filled with crazy classes, so why not try to come up with one ourselves?

This meme was created for other people document their own custom classes; post a link to your completed meme in the comments, and I'll stick it in a custom favorites gallery for easy browsing.

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